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The ONE Thing You Can't Go to Disney Without

What's one thing you HAVE to bring to Disney? Clothes. Unfortunately, you can't go naked folks.

There's something magical about getting a new outfit for your next trip to Disney. Find out who our favorite Disney-themed apparel store is below...


Your alarm goes off early in the morning, but it feels like Christmas, because today—YOU ARE GOING TO DISNEY!

You have your new shirt laid out and ready to be worn down Main Street U.S.A.—shortly you'll be taking in your first sights of the beautiful castle and the delicious smells of buttered popcorn from a stand nearby. You feel magical in your new shirt!

Where did you get this snazzy new shirt you ask?

None other than our favorite, Happily Ever Tees!

Rapunzel loved my Tangled-inspired shirt (I was pointing out Pascal's tail) :)

Not only do they have incredible, hand-designed, Disney-inspired t-shirts (for men & women!), but they also sell baseball caps, decals and more!

If you are planning your next Disney trip (or just like Disney-inspired apparel for every day life like me) head over to​ !

p.s. They are very popular in the Disney-Loving community so make sure you follow them at @happilyevertees to keep up with their new designs and re-stocks!

Check out their new design that they just released which will be available to buy Tuesday at 7pm E.S.T.

PRO-TIP: have your credit card information typed out on a word document so you can copy & paste the information fast to have a chance to get the style and size you want during their re-stocks (The shirts we got were sold out in less than 2 minutes!)

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