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The One Place You Have to Eat Brunch at in L.A.

If you've ever been to Los Angeles you know there are countless restaurants to choose from around every corner, so I'm here to tell you the one restaurant you at least need to eat brunch at... I promise you won't regret it.

Catch L.A. is a gorgeous rooftop restaurant located in West Hollywood, known for its celebrity sightings and seafood focused food. If you aren't a seafood fan, not to worry... that isn't the type of food I'll be featuring in this post.

First off, if you like starting your morning with a little somethin' extra... you most definitely need to try the Frozé. (Frozen Rosé)

Not only was the drink absolutely delicious but it was aesthetically pleasing too, decked out with a shiny gold straw. We definitely took some photos before indulging in our first sip.

Secondly, as soon as I opened the menu my stomach told me what I'd be getting that morning: the cinnamon roll pancakes.

At first glance, you would think it was just a normal delicious looking cinnamon roll... it's not, and it's extraordinary. It's magic on a plate. You carve your fork into the side and the pancake fluffiness gives way with hardly any effort. Let me just say, the other 3 girls I went with ordered the avocado toast (it was absolutely delicious too) but one bite of my meal and they were wishing it was all theirs.

I hope you can tell how excited I am about this meal, I will admit it is a little pricey (for a NC Cracker-Barrel lovin' lady) but everything in LA is pretty pricey so don't let the price deter's definitely worth it.

[ Cinnamon Roll Pancakes: $19 --- Frozé: $17 ]

Be sure to get a photo out in the beautiful walkway garden!

Happy Adventuring Foodies!

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