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This Sound of Music Bike Tour is the Best Way to Experience Salzburg, Austria

The hills are alive with the Sound of Music!

Hop on your bike (that's named after a character from the movie) & explore the enchanting town of Salzburg, Austria where most of the filming of the beloved Sound of Music took place with "Fraulein Maria's Bicycle Tour"!

After a beautiful drive through Germany, our adventure in Salzburg started off with a cold and rainy morning--but the tour must go on! After arriving at the meeting location, Fraulein Maria's Bicycle Tours kindly provided us with a rain poncho and we were on our way!

A short ride around the block, our very first stop was right in front of the Mirabell Gardens, where Maria and the Von Trapp kids scale the edge of the fountain and sprint through the vine covered pathway, all while belting out "Do-Re-Mi," (and maybe we did too.)

But the tour really gained its magic when we continued on, the rain calmed down, the weather was perfect, and our guide broke out his speaker and started playing the soundtrack from the movie. Just imagine a group of tourists all chorusing the songs like we were stars in the movie (it felt like we were!)

I won't spoil all of the locations for you because I truly hope you make your way to Salzburg to experience this tour...BUT they have a little flip book on your bike handlebars that showcase a photo of the scene from the movie at each location you stop at--and believe me, you hit literally all of them!

Another really neat aspect about this specific tour is that it is currently the only bicycle Sound of Music tour in all of Salzburg! In our opinion, it's much better than riding on a bus because not only do you get some exercise but you get to step off the bikes and explore much more frequently! And more than that-- you can reach locations that buses can't!

Need we say more? Go on this tour! Whether you are a Sound of Music lover or not...this tour captures the essence, history and beauty of Salzburg and you will thank yourself for going!

P.S. I'm sure all the tour guides are exceptional but we're convinced Tom is the best! If he still works here, we highly recommend him!

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