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The Disney Playlist that Helped Us Walk Across Spain

Oh man, it is so hot today. Why is it so hot today? There hasn't been a tree for shade in miles, and this hill—my gosh this hill just won't stop climbing. Well, glad we at least bought these walking sticks. Hm, better check on Alex—she seemed pretty tired today. Wait...what's that sound—are those steps—is someone—? ZOOOOOOOMMMM!!! Alex sprints past me and the the rest of the walkers of the Camino up the most massive hill in Spain. Myself, and 6 onlookers observe this marvel of speed, strength, and stamina as she runs an incline flat out with a 30 k backpack bouncing in the wind for a quarter mile. What on earth got in to her?!?! How did she do that?!?!

The answer is simple folks...Disney Music.

Disney music is to Alex what Spinach is to Popeye. Allow me to explain, with photographic evidence.

Picture one(left)- tired Alex. Picture two(right)- Disney Alex.

As you can see, the effects of Disney music are strong in this one. On the left, nothing but the chirp of crickets on the wind. On the right, the Hercules theme song, I Can Go the Distance.

See folks, an interesting thing occurs with Alex and Disney music. At the sound of the first note of When you Wish Upon a Star, which, by the way, is her alarm—Alex springs to life. All the synapses fluttering at once she can suddenly enact amazing feats of strength and skill. I've seen her, firsthand mind you, disregard hunger to the sound of Bare Necessities, become a professional ballerina for Colors of the Wind, walk 24 miles in a day multiple times to hits like Almost There, A Whole New World, Let it Go and Dig a Little Deeper...and, the most amazing feat of all—agree to my proposal with I See the Light.

Alex and Disney music, and indeed, many fans of Disney music can muster incredible skills at the sound of a single note. In order to tap in to said abilities (sometimes superhuman) we have given the link to our Spotify playlist that helped Alex battle through heat, cold, hunger, and dehydration on the long and beautiful pilgrimage of the Camino and travels through Europe.

Link to the Spotify Disney Playlist for all your travel needs: Click here!

And a link to join Spotify for 3 months for only 99 cents! Click here for the deal—ends June 26th!

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