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Rothenburg ob der Tauber—7 Things to See in This Fairy Tale Town

At the height of The Romantic Road, Germany's magical scenic roadway connecting some of the most amazing sights in all of Germany (including Neuschwanstein Castle), rests Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Red Fortress above the Tauber (River). Without exaggeration, this is one of the most amazing towns we've ever had the chance to walk through. A remarkably kept remnant of the medieval ages, Rothenburg is filled to the brim with restaurants to eat, stores to shop, landmarks to see and history to learn. Here's our top 7 things to do and places to visit in Rothenburg before you leave (and make sure you stay at least one night, you won't regret it!)

1) Before you stop anywhere (though it will be extremely tempting), walk around and explore!

This town literally feels like you are stepping into a scene from a fairy tale. Cars are prohibited from driving through the main streets so you feel like you are transported back to medieval ages. The cobblestone streets, colorful buildings and flower pots hanging from the windows are all beautiful details set to make you marvel at this quaint little town.

2) Central Market Square

This is the heart of the town and the perfect picturesque spot. Center-pieced by the gloriously golden municipal building, the town is buzzing with laughter and music accented by the smells of freshly baked pastries at at every corner. From here you can find your way along the main road taking you to Plönlein (the picture perfect road shown above) and further to the main gate. Along all the connecting side streets you'll find restaurants, bed and breakfasts, amazing shops and St. Jakobskirche (the medieval Church) complete with the lovely chime of the town bell.

3) The Gate and Battlements

One of my absolute favorite parts about Rothenburg ob de Tauber is the fact that it originated as a town designed to be defended—a real medieval fortress. True, it didn't have the greatest history of defense (with regard to The 30 Years War)—but with it's long history and various tenants, it was still a settlement not to be easily trifled with. Complete with a thick stone town wall navigating the circumference and lined with patrol paths for sentries, various watchtowers, front battlements with leftover cannons (all of which are still walkable now without a guide), and multiple defensive gates—Rothenburg stands today as a living testament to historical siege towns.

4) Hotel Am Siebersturm

As we mentioned above, if you get the chance, spend a night in this amazing town. Admittedly we came to Rothenburg during a time of our trip where we were being very conscious of money as the Camino was now less than a week away (we had slept at a campsite in our car the night before). However, we were very fortunate to stay here when our loving family back home treated us with this fantastic surprise (thank you again, infinitely). The hotel we stayed at and highly recommend was located just beyond Plönlein, seated on the high wall over looking the local farmland. The rooms were amazing: clean, comfortable and accented by a perfect balcony for a glass of wine. In addition, the staff couldn't have been kinder (though there was definitely a language barrier). Here's a link to their website so you can see for yourself—Hotel Am Sieberstrum

5) Die Waffenkammer

Okay, I know I mentioned that the entire fortress set up was already my favorite part—but how can you defend a fortress without armaments? Waffenkammer is one of the best stores we've ever visited and definitely among the geekiest (we mean that in the best way, I was really geeking out.) Medieval weapons, armors and quills—collectibles from Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and more—potion bottle alcoholic beverages—this store literally had it all. If you make your way to Rothenburg, this is one place you cannot miss (and they ship items straight home to you from the store!) Check out some of their selection here!

6) Baumeisterhaus

Right across the open cobble market of the municipal building rests our favorite dining option in Rothenburg—Baumeifterhaus. Like much of the town it holds to traditional and archaic design that transports you back in time to enjoy a giant mug of German Beer and a delicious bratwurst meal. Complete with bar and pastry selection we had an amazing and very filling dinner here. Here's a link to their reviews courtesy of Trip AdvisorBaumeisterhaus

7) Eis Café Dolomiti

Last but not least this is the one stop you have to make after dinner or at least before you leave. Eis Café Dolomiti serves, without a doubt, one of the best ice cream desserts we have ever had in our lives. Creamy, chocolatey, rich and accented by a perfectly crispy heart shaped wafer—we couldn't get enough. Check out more of their menu items here.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber was one of our most memorable stops from all of our travels and definitely worth the trip if you have the chance to travel through Germany.

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